80C552 Single Board Computer Features:

  • Signetics 80C552 Microcontroller
  • Starting at $149.00 in single quantity OEM versions
  • 8 channel, 10 bit A/D converter
  • 2 Pulse Width Modulation Outputs
  • 1 RS 232 & 2 RS 232/422/485 Ports
  • Battery Backed Real Time Clock
  • 64K ROM and 64K RAM or 32K ROM, Two 32K Bank Switched ROMs, 32K RAM
  • Serial EEPROM
  • 40 Digital I/O Lines
  • Expansion Connector for Breadboards and Daughterboards
  • 5.3" by 6.1" size
  • Development Firmware Available - Debug and test code right on the SBC
  • Complete technical support

The fastest way to a successful controller design is with the 552SBC Single Board Computer. All the features you want at your fingertips - an 8 channel, 10 bit A/D converter, two PWM D/A outputs and 16 digital I/Os right on the chip. This is complemented by a battery-backed, real-time clock and up to 16K bits of EEPROM for storing configuration data. There are 24 more bits of digital I/O on an 82C55 PIO and three independent RS232 serial ports, two of which can be changed to RS422 or RS485 party line protocols with a switch of the chips. Go for more I/O - Relays, Optos, Interrupts and more - with a breadboard PCB and the Expansion Connector!

 The four 28 pin JEDEC sockets have flexible GAL address decoding for your code or external memory requirements. Two of the sockets can be configured as bank switched ROM areas with simple GAL equation changes. One socket has battery-backup ability through the optional DS1210 chip.

 Five memory mapped address areas, from 32 to 64 bytes long, have individual chip selects and interrupts so you can quickly expand to a breadboard area. The interrupts are linked to INT0, and can be read as a group so that your code can vector to the proper service routine.

 Our Development Board is fully loaded with all the peripherals you've asked for, but could never get on one board before. Plus, it includes our unique Development Monitor. The Monitor makes code debug a snap! No emulators needed; just download your code and use the powerful Execute-to-Breakpoint, Display and Set Memory, Disassemble, and Assemble commands to get your code running right.

 Purchase the OEM board and add the peripherals or let us provide the mix of devices you need for your special project . Call us for great pricing on your custom configuration.

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