HTE 8051 Simulator

The 8051 SIM software package for the IBM-PC/XT/AT microcomputers provides a tool to assist in the debug and test phase of 8051 microcomputer program development. 8051 SIM is a screen oriented, menu and command driven program that accepts Intel HEX files (produced by most cross assemblers, such as the Avocet cross assembler) and features Memory display/modify, Trace, and Single Step commands. By providing the programmer with an interactive method of developing 8051 programs, 8051 SIM speeds up the development process without the expense and physical limitations of an in-circuit emulator. In addition, a simulation package such as 8051 SIM can prove invaluable when learning the instruction set, since instructions can be executed interactively, and the effects are immediately apparent on the display. Optionally, a hardcopy of the execution history provides a permanent record for later analysis. The 8051 SIM package is available for IBM PC-DOS. The program is provided on an unprotected disk and will run on a hard disk.


  • Screen oriented, PC version provides color display
  • Menu driven for ease in learning
  • Command oriented for efficient control
  • Input: Intel HEX file format
  • Freeze and restore processor state on disk
  • Breakpoints with number of occurrences
  • Single Step execution
  • Display windows may be reconfigured
  • Variable speed display update, selective update, or no update
  • PC version - interactive help
  • Disassembly of object code
  • Print contents of screen, memory, or status
  • "Hex Calculator" built-in
  • Save/Load Program, Internal, and External memory to disk
  • Optional hardcopy of execution history
  • 8 Powerful command menus
  • Timing analysis
  • Display and fill Program, Internal and External memory
  • Display and alter Program, Internal, External memory, Processor status, flags and registers

Note: The 8051 SIM does not support timers or interrupts. Interrupt routines can still be debugged by pointing the PC to them.


Processor simulated:
 Intel MCS-51 family, 8051, 8031 or equivalent
 Host Computer:
 IBM-PC or XT and most compatibles with at least 256k memory, PC-DOS v2.0 or later, color or monochrome monitor, DSDD 5.25" disk (Support optional printer for hardcopy Of display, etc.)

 Available Links:

Freeware version of the 8051 Simulator


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